“The Sin” – Diary of an Undergrad

January 11, 2017

Dear Diary,

As you grow older, you should become more observant of the universe around you. You must become mindful of your actions and their consequences on other things, animate or inanimate. The idea is that you become more vigilant about yourself and more accountable to your actions.

You will be glad to know, dear diary, that AS AN UNDERGRAD,  I have become more observant, more vigilant and more mindful of my actions. I know the difference between the right and the wrong and I try hard to keep my actions on the right side of things.

But I have sinned, diary. I have to confess that I torment a particular inanimate object on a daily basis. I do it for reaching a personal goal of mine; a goal that I am never able to attain.

I will confess my wrong-doing in this space today. Don’t judge me, dear diary.

The object I torment on a daily basis is…


my poor, dutiful, overworked, eternally-ignored alarm clock!

(My face right now…)

*Sigh* My victim, my alarm clock.

I assign it the job of waking me up at a certain time each day, and each day it does its duty impeccably well. Only I find that after becoming an undergrad, my need for sleep has increased exponentially and I never get up on time. But I never stop setting alarms either. The worst part is that I don’t even remember turning off the alarm when I get up late anymore!

To overcome this, I tried a new trick. I placed the phone at a great distance from the bed in the night. The idea was, I would need to walk across the room to turn the alarm off, and thus, I would technically ‘wake up’.  Sadly, these ideas work phenomenally well on paper, but fail miserably when the time of implementation arrives!!

After the failure of the let’s-sleepwalk-to-get-up-idea I devised a new scheme to exploit my potential irritability. I started setting 4 to 5 alarms each about 5 minutes apart. The idea should be obvious to you. The gist was that I would get tired of switching the consecutive alarms off and I would get up.

Boy did that idea fail! When the first alarm in the series rang, I got up and promptly turned all the others in waiting off too! I was blissfully asleep in a matter of 5 minutes!

But even after these debacles, I do not give my clock a rest. I do not let it sleep. I torment it on a daily basis. I have sinned and I may continue sinning for a long time to come.

I’m sorry Alarm Clock!

Now that I have told you, I feel much lighter. I feel as if a heavy weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

Thank you Diary!

See you again 🙂

(P.S : I feel lighter but I do have a nagging worry at the back of my mind. I am afraid that when the ‘Rebellion of the Alarm Clock’ begins, mine will lead the revolt and I will be the first casualty!)

The Rebellion of the Alarm Clock (That’s my alarm clock right there!)


Mysuru, Karnataka, India



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