January 12, 2017

You must have seen that oh-so-popular photo of Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt in the Rio Olympics 2016. That picture exudes so much coolness. I mean, could he have chosen a better moment to mark his impending victory in the most classy and cool way possible?


Some people are inherently photogenic.


There are some friends of mine who look drop-dead gorgeous no matter what angle they have been shot in. They could have just plodded through a jungle, fought off snakes and insects, just gotten out of bed or just be grimy, but their pictures will always be flawless. There can be no fault that anyone could have pointed out in their pictures. No imperfections at all. Just candidness.

And then you have me.

I have never been photogenic and I have no problem with it.

It just so happens that every time someone tries to shoot a candid photo or some such thing, I will definitely choose that exact moment in space and time to look away, fix my hair, point in the opposite direction, shout across the room in a loud manner or the worst of them all, BLINK.

Maybe I’m not cut out for candid photos. But, the pictures for which I choose to pose are no better either. The neck will be tilted at an odd angle, I will be smiling awkwardly or come off looking like a stiff soldier in attention.

But, I will concede to the fact that a chosen few of my candid pictures have, in fact, come out well but the one thing I will never, ever, not in a million years, look good in are…

those accursed passport sized photos.

Believe me when I tell you that I have never, ever, come off looking remotely nice in these pictures, that sadly feature on my passports, Identity cards, Aadhar Cards and every other document that is actually important to me in real life. And when they ask me to bring photocopies of the original documents, you can be sure that my face will be just a black blob.

Do you know what the best term for my passport photos is? A MUGSHOT.

That’s me on the right!!! 🙂

Mysuru, Karnataka, India


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