The Holiday – Diary of an Undergrad – A2Z2019

April 10, 2019

Dear Diary,

There are quite a few fond memories that I have from my life as an undergrad. If I had to pick one that defines the friendship my group of friends share, it would have to be our trip to Dandeli, hands down.

Though my core group consists of 3 people, including myself, my extended group consists of almost 20 people! All of us were in disjoint groups when we started out but slowly, we became a large group of friends. And now, we are very close; we even have lunch together everyday.

In the third year of engineering, we were all talking, and we realized that we had never taken any holiday together. Our engineering life was almost finishing and we had not been able to take a trip together at all! We decided at that moment, that we should definitely take a trip together, and that time was now! And all of a sudden, concrete plans were being made, places were decided, tickets were booked and off we went! We went to a place called Dandeli in northern Karnataka.

It was such an amazing trip! We stayed in a resort and chilled for a whole day blissfully. The next day was even more fun because we went to the Kali Adventure Camp and tried out so many adventure sports! I tried zip lining and kayaking for the first time and it was so amazing! River Kali was so cool and refreshing and I felt like I could just stay afloat on that river forever.

Absolutely exhilarating!

But the best thing of all was, that we had all gone together. That trip brought us closer together and gave us so many moments to cherish. Though it was an extremely short holiday, we returned feeling happy and content.

Sometimes, a holiday with your friends is all we need to become refreshed and happy!

Mysuru, Karnataka, India

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