Looking Back- The January Edition

January 31, 2017

I am here… I made it…

It has been 31 days since the post ‘Today‘. And what a ride it has been!

I was participating in a month-long blogathon this January.

So, here’s presenting the ‘Looking Back’ – The January Edition.

  • The promises – The biggest promise I made at the beginning of the month was to myself. It was that I would try to fulfill the demands of this blogathon – ‘One post a day’. It was a big commitment for me, because I am a very lazy person by nature. So, the mere fact that I have come this far is great in itself. *pats self on the back* ๐Ÿ˜‰

I also promised, you, my dear readers, the implementation of some titles and ideas I was working upon.

One of them, is a project that is dear to my heart. ‘The Diary of an Undergrad’. I made 3 posts in this category this month. Post1. Post2. Post3. I had great fun writing these. I plan to take this series further in the succeeding months too.

I wrote my first official short story this month. Little Stories-1.

Another story I wrote this month was ‘Hero‘.

  • Self realization and Related Ones (Prose) – I had great fun writing posts like ‘Why I want to be this giraffe‘ ,ย  ‘Non-Photogenic‘ , ‘Pity them‘ , ‘Why I write‘ , ‘In Love‘ and ‘Laugh It Off‘.
  • (Inspired?) Poetry – I am no wordsmith. In spite of that, I write little bits of ‘poetry’ from time to time. My personal favorite this month was ‘Recognition‘. Also dear to me is ‘Living through me‘. ‘Nightmare‘ and ‘Dreams‘ were interesting to write. Nightmare illustrates one of the biggest problems that I face in life on a regular basis.
  • The different ones – The inspiration for writing ‘Drama‘ came to me quite suddenly. I think I did my thoughts justice on that one. I was tagged by fellow bloggers two times this month for filling out my answers for random questions on books and life. Check them out here and here.
  • A new series? – Some current events pushed me to write ‘Inconsequential thoughts‘. I think I could extract a series from that title in the next months. ๐Ÿ™‚
  • The cheat days – This blog is all about being honest to myself. And I would be lying through my teeth if I said that I completed the blogathon in its entirety. When a writer’s block of sorts sets in, there is nothing that you can come up with. So, there were 2 days, 19 Jan and 30 Jan where I was unable to write anything. Also, I reblogged a post from balconysunrise on 16 Jan. (Does all this mean I lost? *anxious expression on face*)

But, cheat days or no cheat days, I had the greatest time keeping my grey cells active this month. A big virtual hug to all my readers and followers. Every like and comment makes my day just a bit better. ๐Ÿ™‚

Keep reading… See you next month!

From one awe-inspired citizen of life to another!!

Mysuru, Karnataka, India


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