The Author

“The true alchemists do not change lead to gold, they change the world into words”

– William.H.Gass

The world is a splendidly varied place. Its variety and diversity has so often been described by countless wordsmiths all over the world from time immemorial.

The author of ‘The world in my eyes‘ too, is one such amateur wordsmith.

She attempts to view the mundane from a different perspective and tries to weave stories and parallelisms from it to her own life. She uses her free-flowing words to describe her thoughts. If her own words succeed to surprise her, she is sure that the reader will also walk away with a new thought.

On the less poetic front, she is just a normal engineering undergraduate trying to work her way into the labyrinth of the world.

She loves to read and will pick up any book under her nose. (Whether she completes the book or not depends on how compelling the first two chapters are, of course!)

As the author of ‘The world in my eyes’, she hopes that the reader succeeds in viewing her world in their eyes.

From one awe-inspired citizen of life to another!