BarAThon Prompt 6: Wishful Thinking

August 6, 2016

However vehemently we deny this, all of us are wishful thinkers. All of us are day dreamers. All of us believe and hope for the impossible.

I have no qualms in accepting it. I spend a lot of my time thinking about the impossible.

I mean who wouldn’t want Hogwarts to exist? I already know which house I will go to, how my four-poster bed will be arranged, how I will love Charms and how I will be absolutely horrible at Quidditch! 🙂

Of late, I have wishfully been thinking of more mundane things. The not-so exciting things. The thoughts that are very boring at the outset. The thoughts that almost border on the desperate.

It has been about a week since the classes of my new semester have commenced. All the lectures are in full-swing. Some of the lecturers have already finished a significant chunk of their respective modules. But, to the horror of our class on the whole, we have been assigned certain teachers who are ruining the experience of learning all together.

It is not like they handle simple subjects either. To our bad luck, they have to teach us some of the most important topics there are.

The collective confusion in the class hits new highs everyday. (Or should I say new lows?!) Our class is a victim as a whole.

That is why, I wishfully think of the times when great teachers induced great love for the subject in us. I wishfully think of a miracle change in lecturers. I wishfully hope for enough courage to spring within all of us to request for a change of lecturers vehemently.

But this is just wishful thinking at its best. After all, as Charlie Brown so wisely says, ‘In the book of life the answers aren’t in the back’.

And because the answers aren’t freely available, I had better stop dreaming about impossibilities. Because the answers are not pre-written, I had better stop complaining and start adjusting.

Because I cannot think wishfully about this anymore, I had better hit the books for some serious self-study now.

Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of ‘Eat Pray Love’ says, ‘Stop wearing your wishbone where your backbone ought to be’. I am going to pick up on Miss Elizabeth’s wise words, replace that wishbone with my backbone and bend my head over the big books.

Oh but of course, I will never stop dreaming about Hogwarts!! 😉

Mysuru, Karnataka, India



11 thoughts on “BarAThon Prompt 6: Wishful Thinking

  1. Well written Divya. You know, apart from a backbone, we all must have a funny bone too in our body to overcome life’s little problems. Don’t let go of your wishbone completely. After all sometimes wishes do come true!

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  2. When things do not conform to our desires or expectations the mind works over time and presente before us rosy pictures to obviate the unpleasentness that confronts us.Day dreaming or wishful thinking is good in a way.It keeps you entertained and fills your heart with hopefulness and a bright future and cheerfulness you look forward to.So, daydream to your heart ‘s content

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  3. Well written Divya. Along with a backbone we all need a funny bone in our body to face life’s little problems. But don’t give up the wishbone entirely. After all dreams do come true!


  4. Very nice Divya. ☺
    It’s been a week since my clg started too & we have the same problem.
    Also,I haven’t started studying a single word thinking wishfully that lecturers haven’t done anything significant but that’s not the reality!
    Right there with u at Hogwarts 😁

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