BarAThon Prompt 7: Promise

August 7, 2016

The fine sand never stops trickling.

The hour glass never deters from its job.

It made a promise to time.


The hands never stop moving.

The seconds never last.

The clock made a promise to time.


The stellar beauty at the center of our world

Never fails to rise and set.

He made a promise to time.


The cycle of time never stops turning.

It creates and destroys moments eternally.

It made a promise to itself.


We make pages of to-do lists.

We’ve many goals to achieve,

The road to them seems to never end.

We move from ‘inspired’ to ‘lost’ continually.

We never are able to hold moments to last a while.

I think of this when I think

Of the hourglass, clock and the sun,

Didn’t we repeatedly promise time?



P.S. This week of blogging has taught me that I can keep up with my personal goals and deadlines. This week has definitely helped me reach new creative highs. I have evolved as a writer. A big shout-out to the lovely folks at Blog-A-Rhythm for this awesome effort. Keep them coming!

Thank you lovely readers, for the never-wavering and always motivating support.

On a final note, I make a promise to myself to be a better and regular blogger. I promise to try and make others smile because of my words for many more posts to come.


Mysuru, Karnataka, India





15 thoughts on “BarAThon Prompt 7: Promise

  1. Congratulations Divya for successfully completing blogathon with a thumsup to the eternal time that moves on and leaves us to fulfill our promises and bask in memories ,sweet and not so sweet.

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  2. If we care to look around us we find so much inspiration. Glad you stuck out through the week Divya. It was an absolute pleasure to have you on this journey with us. I hope you can stick with all your goals.

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  3. Congrats Divya for successfully completing this Blogathon !!
    You posted each day very catchy and meaningful topic…is much appreciated . Even today you wrote about time is so meaningful to realize the fact that no one gets the same time twice . You are such a nice writer .👍🏽Bless you Divya ❤️

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