BarAThon Prompt 5: Tiny Shoes

August 5, 2016

You have big shoes to fill.

Every time we embark on some new journey in our life, whether work-related or otherwise, there have been people who have told us this.

They tell us time and again that there have been major pioneers in that field, and if we wish to make a mark in life, we need to match up to those bigwigs.

This is the thought that is running in my mind as I sit down to write something on this title prompt.

When people tell us that that we have big shoes to fill and make us understand the weight of our responsibilities, we tend to get overwhelmed and feel greatly pressured. We begin stressing out and blow little things out of proportion. I know this is true even for a student.

Many times, it is also the case that, the big shoes we need to fill is our own. The pressure to outdo ourselves can also be overwhelming.

Where am I going with this?

Most of the time, we walk the walked path in a close and calculated manner. We get bogged down by our own aims. We push ourselves dangerously beyond all limits.

Let’s remember this the next time someone tells us this dialogue.

When we were young and small and carefree, when we never took anything oh-so-seriously, and when we were seizing every last moment out of every moment; we were the happiest. We made the best decisions. We were the most satisfied with ourselves.

And over time, we subdued that child in the name of seriousness. We quelled our power of logical thinking for technicality. We traded our calm for anxiety. And if we are pressured by our goals today, it is because we have brought this upon ourselves.

So the next time someone tells us ‘You have big shoes to fill’, let’s realize that our inner child is calling us to become who we were. It is calling us to reach our goals in a more satisfactory and spontaneous manner.

If I were to put it differently, we don’t need to fill the big shoes. It is definitely more difficult to become children at heart.

We indeed have, TINY SHOES TO FILL.


Mysuru, Karnataka, India



14 thoughts on “BarAThon Prompt 5: Tiny Shoes

  1. Divya, I’m wonderstruck!!!! I felt that this was such a mind boggling topic but you have written flawlessly. Yes, we need to awaken the child in us to savor every moment & to make every future moment worth savoring. I loved it 🙂

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  2. You have brought the aspect of the child that resides in all of us all the time inspire of the growing years onto to the centre stage of consciousness.As we grow the pressures of obligations and responsibilities weigh on us but the urge to be child once again and savour the innocence and joy associated with that stage of life remains in our hearts.Divya,you have brought out all this wonderfuljy.

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  3. Truly well written. It is true, that we must “awaken that child within us” and mingle it with adult seriousness to create a wonderful life. I loved the interesting take on this prompt and I wish my elder sister all the best. I hope more beautiful blogs follow

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  4. Divya
    A reminder to all adults to enjoy life as it unfolds. Well said. Well articulated and written with sincerity. Keep going and let us have the privilege of seeing more topics rolling from you.

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