The Guide – Diary of an Undergrad – A2Z2019

April 9, 2019

Dear Diary,

I am lucky to have met this person because he has influenced my work in such a great way.

The final year major project is an important part of my engineering course. The major project is where I get to apply all the topics that I have learnt in the course of 4 years and develop something useful. All of us get assigned a lecturer as our guide for that project. He or She is supposed to mentor us through the process of completing the project, correct our mistakes and help us learn better.

I didn’t know my guide very well before last year. So, I had no particular opinion about him, positive or negative, when he was assigned to be my guide.

In that very semester, he taught us Machine Learning. That’s when I got to know more about him, and the more I learned, the more the respect that I had for him, grew. The best way for me to define his teaching is perhaps to say that, he’s a student first and a teacher next.

That is a compliment indeed because a learner should never stop having curiosity about the subject. The boundaries of any topic are undefined and if a teacher confines himself within a set perimeter, he can never be an effective teacher.

My guide is a student first and a teacher next because his curiosity for the subject, the thirst to learn and need to expand his knowledge removes pretense, ego and the need to show off. That quality is quite rare in any person I have met so far.

The dedication with which he taught ML made me love the subject even more. I believe it has actually influenced my choice of specialization as well.

When I started working on my project, there has been no time so far where he has shown disinterest in my ideas or work. I have seen so many people who want their way to be executed; nobody else’s opinion really matters to them. But with my guide, I have always found that my ideas have a place in the conversation and they are always keenly heard.

I don’t think I need to say what that kind of support does to the confidence of a person.

The biggest lesson that I have learnt from him thus far is the importance of work – all types of work. No work/task is beneath him. And he tries to do the best in any task that he takes up.

The best thing is, I have never seen him wantingly taking credit for anything!

There is so much anyone can learn from him. He’s a real guide indeed, in every sense of the word.

And I am extremely glad he’s my guide.

Mysuru, Karnataka, India

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