The Futility – Diary of an Undergrad – A2Z2019

April 6, 2019

Dear Diary,

If I had to pick out the biggest lesson I have learnt so far in the course of my life as an undergrad, it would most certainly be this.

I wonder, I truly wonder, do plans ever translate into results exactly as they were envisioned? Has there been any meticulously planned mission/task that got executed in the same way as it was written on paper?

I don’t think so.

There are seven main principles in software testing. The first and most profound one is, “Exhaustive testing is impossible”. It means that for any piece of software, you will never be able to test its correctness in all the possible scenarios.

How true it is even in our real life! We will never be able to prove that the plan we have created will work out in its entirety.

Let me relate the example of a technical fest that was conducted by our department. For the first time, they had entrusted the entire organizing task to the students and I was the chief co-ordinator. I was thrilled to have gotten this opportunity and had delegated work and planned everything to the last T. On the day of the fest, everything was going on well, when suddenly, some unforeseen issue with scheduling came up and we had to resolve it dynamically. I distinctly remember not sitting down even for a second that entire day. We got the situation under control and everything was back on track.

This one is a more recent incident.

Just a few weeks back, we launched a new club in our college. I am one of the founder members of the club. We had arranged a formal launch event and invited the principal and the management committee members as well. We booked the venue and everything seemed set. The plan was that after the launch event, we would conduct our first club activity as well. On the day of the launch, we received the information that some other department had pre-booked that venue and due to some miscommunication we were not informed of the same. So, we had to push our event to sometime later in the day. But our invitees were unavailable at that time, and things got pushed even more. In the end, though the event was successful, nothing, absolutely nothing, had gone according to plan!

That incident reinforced that lesson in my mind. We will never be able to control all anything completely, simply because, there are infinitely many forces at play!

The key to getting anything accomplished is to be adaptable to change because the thought that we have everything or anything in our control is futile.

Mysuru, Karnataka, India

4 thoughts on “The Futility – Diary of an Undergrad – A2Z2019

  1. Man proposes, god disposes.

    Everything will happen only at its time. We don’t know that time. We can only plan and then be ready to face all obstacles to make the plan work.


  2. Indeed, one must know that change is the only constant and be dynamic and adaptive to any unforeseen circumstance.
    Nowadays, many fail to understand that to be dogmatic and inflexible is futile. This post of yours applies not only to any project or plan, but also to the greater arena called life.
    Very well written Divya. Keep it up.


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