The Competent Teacher?- Diary of an Undergrad – A2Z2019

April 3, 2019

Dear Diary,

Enough with the serious stuff.

Time to talk about the little stuff that have bothered me through my academic life.

If I sit to count the number of teachers who have actually been able to teach the subject to me effectively, clear my doubt without creating 10 more and created a genuine love for that subject in my heart, the list may not contain more than 10 people.

The only task of the student is to learn and according to me, the only job of an educator is to….well, educate. Some people, sadly, are not meant to be teachers.

Some are disinterested, some are incompetent, some can’t command the attention of the class, some have nothing to convey. The worst category consists of people who think they are doing an amazing job, but actually aren’t.

I have seen and experienced pretty much, every type. Back in Chennai, there was one lady who was our Tamil teacher. She was and is, the worst educator I have ever seen. She would come into the class, settle herself behind the desk and that’s it. She made zero efforts to teach us anything, and because of her, for the first and only time in my life, I had to attend extra tuition classes for any subject.

This lady was my Umbridge, for sure. (She even looked like her!)

I have also experienced teachers who don’t really treat every student equally in class. They are unmindful of the needs of different people and directly, or indirectly, diminish the confidence of the student.

Sometimes, some teachers do mean well, but manage to confuse the students even more. Sometimes, the errors in their teaching are so glaring that I just want to get up and say, “Please move aside, I can engage the class better than you!”

In all these years of receiving formal education, I have realized this for sure:

Not all qualified teachers are competent.

Mysuru, Karnataka, India

8 thoughts on “The Competent Teacher?- Diary of an Undergrad – A2Z2019

  1. Good teachers will remain in our hearts for a lifetime. Bad teachers too remain in memory but for the wrong reasons! Good one Divya, left me wanting some more .


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