August 7, 2018

There was only one friend he could trust in the whole wide world. In all of his 10 years of existence, only she had the time for him always.

He would share both the things that gave him joy and those that made him sad, with her. He was sure that she would never betray his trust.

She sustained him through the lows and helped him enjoy the highs.
She gave him peace and quiet when he wanted to escape the noise.

But alas, the little, trusting, innocent boy grew up and forgot about her completely.

Now, the industrialist finds peace in the noise.

She, on the other hand, drinks the pollutants sadly.


Written for #FFfAW 177



Bengaluru, Karnataka, India


16 thoughts on “River

    1. Its not just people. We, as the human race have drifted away from the idea of harmonious co-existence with nature and have adopted the policy of destructive selfishness.


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