July 17, 2018

The boy looked at the cobbled street and wondered aloud.

“Where are we?”

The big man chuckled loudly and said, “Don’t be so surprised, young man. This is nothing compared to what you are about to experience. Come along!”

The scrawny boy continued to gape as he saw the street. It was filled with tiny shops and houses. There were probably a hundred people out on the street; vendors and  shopkeepers calling out to customers and tens of people and children looking absolutely busy. Everyone had something to do, everyone had somewhere to go.

The little boy stood there trying to drink it all in. If it was all a dream, he wanted to remember every bit of it forever.

“Hey, why are you standing there? Let’s go! We have many things to buy and not enough time.” shouted the man.

Harry ran to where Hagrid was and asked him again, “Where are we?”

“Diagon Alley” Hagrid said.


Written for #FFfAW 174



Bengaluru, Karnataka, India


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