“The Breaking News” – Diary of an undergrad

July 9, 2018

Dear Diary, 

Today, I want to share the latest breaking news. The world had watched every development in this case closely.

This story was so huge that I have attached the newspaper clipping here.


Parents all over the country are startled by the disappearance of their undergrad children. Almost all the undergrads of every engineering college have gone missing and are AWOL. Startlingly, all the disappearences have a recurring sequence of events. All the undergrads were last seen in their examination centres and all of them have been missing since. The police are actively investigating this case but there have been no major leads yet.

Follow this space for more updates. “

*A few days later* 


The startling case of the missing engineering undergraduates has come to an unexpected close. The whereabouts of all the students who were reported missing have been determined. After a thorough investigation, the police have been able to identify the location of all the undergrads. It appears that all the students have retired to their respective beds and have collectively resolved not to get up and do any academic work till the new semester begins. A spokesperson for the Engineering Undergraduate Association has said and we quote – ‘We have collectively put in hundreds of hours of work this semester and are glad it is over. We are absolutely determined to stay in bed and catch up on our much-missed and much-required sleep. For the next 2 months, the 4 corners of our bed will be our world. See you in the next semester!’ “

What a story!

Anyway, exams are done. So there’s only one thing left to say.

Good night!

Day 4 of Bar-A-Thon 2018

Prompt for the day: Four corners of the World


Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

20 thoughts on ““The Breaking News” – Diary of an undergrad

  1. This is well justified for the prompt. I remember I had this feeling when I finished my 10th board exams and just wanted to shut the doors to the world. I didn’t want to follow any schedule for long.


  2. Ha ha! That was fun. Don’t we call felt that as students? After 5 days of work – I want the same thing on Saturday and Sunday too 🙂 Fun take on the prompt Divya.Well done!


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