“The Trio” – Diary of an Undergrad

July 6, 2018

Dear Diary,

Three’s a crowd.”

“Too many cooks spoil the broth”

“The third wheel”

Those are idioms I have heard so many times.

The world, in general, seems to have a problem with people or things that occur in groups of three.

But I disagree.

On the contrary, sometimes, the best things in life come in groups of three.

This diary about my life as an undergrad would be woefully incomplete if I did not speak about two of the most important people in my life right now.

A and M have made this crazy journey in college so easy from the beginning. They make it simple for me to enjoy the highs and power through the lows. We do almost everything together. And, we seem to enjoy each other’s company quite well. Our wavelengths always match, and we have similar outlooks towards the future and academics.

Everyone in our department knows that we are so close knit. When one of us does not turn up in class, our lecturers ask the other two (in Kannada) –

Innoblu yelli? Neevu mooru jana groupaagi kansdedre, vichitravaagi kanstaidde!

Meaning – “Where’s the other one? If you three are not together, its very different!”

The fact that we are a group of three has never stopped us from having fun at college.

“The lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.” Right? This is my pack right here.

Here is one last, most important point to drive my case home.

Do you think, Harry would have been able to defeat Voldemort without Ron or Hermione?

The answer is a big fat NO.

Three is not a crowd.

I rest my case.

Day 3 of Bar-A-Thon 2018

Prompt for the day: Three’s a crowd


Mysuru, Karnataka, India

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