“The Venn Diagram” – Diary of an Undergrad

July 4, 2018

Dear Diary,

Today, let me tell you my thoughts diagrammatically.

Remember that one chapter in the 10th grade, “Set theory”?

Arey, that one chapter that taught me how to visualize objects in groups? That one chapter that laid the foundation for functions and probability? That one chapter that had Venn diagrams?

Aah..Now you remember! 

Let me draw a Venn diagram today.

(I promise that it won’t be too much of Math!)

Let me first draw up the universal set of everything that I can ever experience. All that I want, all that I need, all that I will ever want or will ever need is all there.

Our Venn diagram looks like this right now.


Let me now take a set A that represents all that I am supposed to do. Academics, Exercise, that huge pile of Assignments, that list of work my mom told me to complete.


Let me now take another set B of things that are much more fun to think about. This B contains that video that that cute stand-up comedian just dropped, that bit of gossip that my best friend is dying to share with me, that new deli across town that just opened, that novel I have been wanting to finish, those 8 episodes of that TV show I just have to binge-watch, and the best of all..

those extra 2 minutes of sleep!

Let us go back and check on the Venn diagram.


What’s that? A ∩ B = Ø !

There’s no overlap between A and B at all! Is there nothing in common between what I need to do and what I want?

Will I always have to decide which is the lesser of the two evils, necessary monotony or fun distractions?

Its actually not a choice at all. Its not a Venn diagram at all. Its a straight line drawn against time. It is all about deciding what’s best at that instant of time and acting accordingly.

Its only about shutting out the distractions when its time to work and shutting out the work when you want to get distracted.

From the time I have become an undergrad,  I have become an expert in this. (More on that later.)

In conclusion, there are no evil choices, only instantaneous priorities.

Day 2 of Bar-A-Thon 2018

Prompt for the day: Lesser of Two Evils


Mysuru, Karnataka, India

18 thoughts on ““The Venn Diagram” – Diary of an Undergrad

  1. Venn diagrams…I’m trying to remember the time I had those in school 🙂
    Liked the way you connected them to needs vs wants; and absolutely loved how you summed it up with that last line.


  2. The way I read your post… one set is all evil and the other one is pure fun. And we must need to pick up the evil one!! Sigh… what a cruel world😞.

    Good take on the prompt. Life is all about doing what needs to be done at that moment.


  3. arrey Divya… WAAH WAAH!!! you have said something so absolutely meaningful and significant in the manner than BOOM just got to me and my understanding!


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