The Wordsmith

February 18, 2017

Her words flow unchallenged. 


Against the wind that threatens to

snatch her piece of paper,

Against the fetters that bind her

so strongly to the world,

Against every person who says

that her opinion matters not,

Against every conspirator,

Her words flow unchallenged. 


They built a wall around her, they said

think not of the world outside.

They made her world dark and said

think not of the light.

They told her that her heroes

existed in fairy tales, and yet

They could not silence the hero in her

Her words flow unchallenged. 


Who can stop the tide? she says

Who can dim the sunlight?

Who dares stop the eagle

from reaching supreme heights?

Her caustic words can silence many,

Her blunt words can cut through ice.

Her powerful words have changed her life

Her words flow unchallenged. 


Her situation is her inspiration.

Her life, a piece of paper.

Her words are her companions.

Her thoughts translate into ink.

And in cases such as these,

the world will have to concede

to the fact that

Her words flow unchallenged. 

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