January 26, 2017

There were a lot of television shows that I used to love as a child. Here are little snippets of some of my favorites.

  1. Miffy and friends – This will always be one of the best shows I have ever watched. I loved the simple animation of this one. And the colors of course!

2. Make Way for Noddy – Again, a huge favorite of mine. I used to read all the original books by Enid Blyton too, so my love for this series was inherent.

3. Oswald – This was another cute series. My mom had a problem with this show though. Her question was that, if an octopus, a penguin and even a flower can talk like humans, why is the dog a mute pet? I get her point, but I still like this show.

4. Bob the Builder – I cannot forget the theme song of this show even after all these years.

5. Phineas and Ferb – Both I and my sister used to love this show. All the nonsensical storylines were extremely fun. The fun lay in the unrealistic madness. I can watch the reruns any day every day. 😉

6. Pingu – One of the earliest shows I have watched. I have linked a whole episode of this cute series, because the theme song is just a jingle of a few seconds.

7. Little Krishna – The only Indian show on my list. The animation is extremely beautiful here. A visual treat!!

8. Takeshi’s Castle – A hilarious game show made even more hilarious because of Javed Jaafri’s commentary. One of the best shows on Pogo ever. 🙂

9. The suite life of Zack and Cody – The reason why I started watching Disney Channel in the first place.

After the age of Chota Bheem and Doremon in Hindi began, there was never anything good on children’s television again. I am glad that I got to watch all these shows.

Mysuru, Karnataka, India


4 thoughts on “Throwback

  1. Good old days they were! ‘Miffy & friends’ was very cute. & the others were also great. They gave us a healthy dose of fun & laughter in our childhood.
    ‘Phineas & Ferb’ has been my all-time-favourite. It was a package of everything: madness, fantasy, science, friendships, family, songs & what not! It’s sad that Disney airs it very infrequently after Doraemon took birth 😦
    & Your mom’s doubt about the dog in the ‘Oswald’ is hilarious. 😂
    Nice post Divya! I got to relive my childhood.

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  2. Except for the first one, I have seen the rest. Little Krishna is my favourite too! And Pingu… 🙂
    I like the cartoons on Nickjr now. They are superb. But my kids have now started Doraemon….it’s a plague that no one escape.

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