January 25, 2017

I generally feel and do a lot of things.


I am, I become, I leave.

Did I have a beginning at all?

In which case, will I cease to exist

like the innumerable things

I embody?


I embody, I breathe life, I enliven.

When I live inside something else,

I am not alone.

I live with four other masqueraders.

The fiery one, the earthy one,

the breezy one and the deep one.

We make the thing we live in

come alive.



I fall, I flow, I fly.

I find myself along with many people

of my type.

Each more clueless about where to go.

We maneuver around the obstacles

never to look back at them again.

We reach a vast abyss sometimes,

and jump fearlessly;

Or meet an ancestor of ours,

who makes us all salty.


I burn, I fly, I watch.

Sometimes, I find myself

above all this ceaseless madness.

The world below is amazing from there.

And just when I adjust to the view,

most cruelly, I am made to

fall back to where I came from.


I stop, I halt, I freeze.

I now am immobile,

Just a part of the endless white.

There never is a soul around

this place.


I move, I journey, I race.

Different creatures come to us,

to take what they need

to survive.

They never seem to be satisfied

or look like they have had their fill.

None of the things who use us,

ever feel the need to talk, except

a set of beings who give everything names.

They named us water.


And for all that I feel, that’s when I feel like I am recognized.

Mysuru, Karnataka, India



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