Book Lover Questionnaire

January 17, 2017

So I was tagged to fill up this book-lover questionnaire in ‘Book Tag time’. Here are my answers…

E-book or Physical book?

Physical Book, always.

Paperback or Hardback?

I actually prefer either one of them.

Online or In-Store Book Shopping?

I have always shopped in the store. I am yet to explore the online shopping area.

Trilogies or Series?

Series. That’s only because I have not read a trilogy yet.

Heroes or Villains?

That’s a tough one… My answer would be that without a great villain, there would be no good heroes. So, both heroes and villains are as important to each other as the sun and the cloud.

A Book You Want Everyone To Read?

Everyone should read at least one ‘Amar Chitra Katha’ book. And once you read one, you will not be able to stop. My personal favorites are ‘Soordas’, Panchatantra series, ‘Jamsetji Tata’ etc.

Recommend an Underrated Author?

Georgette Heyer

The Last Book You Finished?

‘A Game of Thrones’ by George RR Martin

Weirdest Thing You’ve Used as a Bookmark?

I think each one of my bookmarks have been weird! I have used bits of newspaper, an invitation card, bits of clingfilm and sometimes, my phone!

Used Books: Yes or No?

Yes. A book is a book.

Top Three Favorite Genres?

Fantasy/Science Fiction

Detective Stories/Murder Mysteries

The Classics
Borrow or Buy?

Borrow. How many can you buy?

Character or Plot?

Again, it is like the hero or villain question. There is no character without a plot and no plot without characters. The plot is the one that helps characters grow, and the growth of characters helps the plot thicken.

Long or Short Books?

Sufficiently long. But I do enjoy the occasional well-written short story.

Name The First Three Books You Think Of

Harry Potter Series (Its always at the back of my mind)

Death on the Nile by Agatha Christie

A Game of Thrones (Because I just finished reading it)


Books That Make You Laugh or Cry?

Off the top of my head, ‘Code of the Woosters’ (Hilarious!)

Our World or Fictional Worlds?

Fictional Worlds. They not only transport you away from the real world, they help you view the real world differently. What’s life without imagination?

Audiobooks: Yes or No?

Have never tried them.

Do You Ever Judge a Book by it’s Cover?

Yes. Most definitely. A non-exciting back story will never make me read it. Never.

Book to Movie or Book to TV Adaptations?

I really cannot say.

A Movie or TV-Show You Preferred to its Book?

That has definitely never happened. The inaccuracies make my geeky side storm around in rage ALWAYS.

Series or Standalone’s?

I like both. As long as they are well written.

Book that you re-read?

Without a doubt, it is ….. . Here is an activity for you , reader. If you have stuck around with me for a few months in the least, you will know what my answer to this question will be. So answer this one for me in the comment section below.

Let me know if you know me well! 😉

Mysuru, Karnataka, India



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