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January 16, 2017
Reblogging this from balconysunrise.wordpress.com . A great favorite of mine! 🙂

Balcony Sunrise

The ideas of my blog come from my personal experiences. I have seen many blogs that are fictional. I love to read them. I like a good story.

I am a great story teller. Or so my kids say! I can make a story come alive with dialogues, expressions and jokes. But the catch is, these are not my own stories. These are stories already told. So I am a good story re-teller! (if there is such a word).

Of course I can make up tiny stories to amuse very young kids. But I can never think up a story that will spark an interest in an adult. These require a hero and/or heroine, a nice plot, a suitable ending and all of that.

Many a times I get this random thought, whenever I see people as I wait at the red light or in a bus stop or while travelling…

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2 thoughts on “Random ramblings 1

  1. Yeah! God has spun innumerable varied stories, stories of all living beings from the first day of this Earth to today, tomorrow & well .. forever. It’s eternal.
    It’s a marvel indeed!


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