Pity them

January 14, 2017

Who says that the shows on television these days are not thought-provoking at all?

Of course it is thought-provoking. And as a TV viewer I have a new thought. And it has provoked me enough to write about it today.

The new thought that I have actually reflects a deep truth. And it is not that you need to watch any particular show to understand this. The specialty of this idea is that it is reflected in almost every show that airs on all the channels, from Star Plus to Colors.

This idea will explain a lot of the retard sequences in the shows and will help you sympathize with the makers of the show at a deep level. It will even make you feel sorry for them.

I think this amount of build-up is enough.

Let me come straight to the point…..

The makers of television shows these days, have never studied the subtle laws of physics. They are absolutely unaware of the rules that  govern the behavior of everyday objects.

The poor souls do not know that when the anti-hero throws his phone in anger, it cannot come back as good as new. They don’t know that when a piece of glass like a mirror falls and breaks into a gazillion pieces very near the protagonists, at least a few of them should injure them (however thick-skinned they might be). They are unaware of the fact that plastic surgeries are do not allow a short hero to turn into a tall one.

And most importantly, they have never learnt, that by obvious laws of logic, the probability that the heroine will ALWAYS fall into the hero’s arms simply CANNOT be one.

Now do you see? Whatever I have told you about is Advanced Mathematics. Logic, Laws of Physics and Common Sense are very tough concepts to grasp. In fact, Logic is taught as a subject in the Engineering Course. So we, as logical viewers simply cannot expect logical content from people who have sadly never studied it.

Don’t expect common sense and you will not be disappointed. Don’t look for Scientific accuracy and you will be happy. Do not expect logical twists in the story and you can have a great time in front of the telly.

Dumbledore once tells Harry, ‘Don’t pity the dead, Harry. Pity the ones who live without love’. I would paraphrase that and say, ‘Pity the ones  who live without logic and science’.

Trust me, when you make peace with your telly you will have a great time. Who knows, the telly may actually inspire you to write a blog post of your own!

Mysuru, Karnataka, India






7 thoughts on “Pity them

  1. You have singled out many illogical things that are showed on the telly, with your own twist of humor.
    Yes! We have to expect different things out of different genres. That’s when we will be happy of what they air.
    Very nicely written Divya.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ha ha ha.. I can never forget that Dr. Salunke once showed ACP Pradyuman and his loyal team, pure white crystalline powder and told them it was Iodine :-D. Add Chemistry to your list of stuff that the makers of serials do not know 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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