January 13, 2017

This is an unique story in itself. By the time the viewer, the third person, understands it in its entirety, the characters would have finished playing their part. But the stamp that the actors leave behind have the power to inspire generations of viewers the world over.

The first thing to know about this show is that the director plays an infinitely larger role than the characters themselves. Sure, the vision of the director translates into reality only when the characters perform their parts well, but without the vision itself, there is no question of the survival of the actors under consideration.

That being said, the actors have a great part to play as well. They are the purveyors of the vision of the creator, they are little creators themselves. They come in all sizes and shapes and are not restricted to one size or shape.

They flow, they stay, they blend. They create new versions of themselves, each version different from the other. The number of versions of the actors are impossible to count. They divide, they multiply.

What can be said of the stage on which the actors play their part? It is infinite and dynamic. It supports every actor but lets none of them taint it. It is said that no one except the director has seen the true form of the stage. When they perform, the stage becomes every actor but lets no actor become it.

This show runs every day and every minute. The actors are offered no amount of rest.

Poetic much?

What do we call the stage, the actors and the director in the language of the layman then?

The infinite, dynamic and untouched stage is the sky. The ever-changing and fickle actors are the colors that help the sky-stage come alive every minute of the day and night. The director is the creator Himself. Never satisfied with His paintings, He continues to create new ones.

What do we do as observers? We just look up at that vast canvas and marvel as the cosmic drama enfolds!  


Mysuru, Karnataka, India



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