January 7, 2017

Often, we do not realize how many memories we are making each day. It is only after a passage of time that we realize the value of the moments that we are creating in the present.

And more often than not, we end up looking back nostalgically at our childhood, don’t we?

The things that we did as a child!: the easy laughs, the tough lessons, the new findings and the umpteen moments of happiness, all rush to fill our minds and hearts as soon as we open that flood-gate.

It is not difficult to recall the memories. It is not difficult to tread the treaded path once again. It is not difficult to glimpse our past-selves once again.

All we need is a little effort. All we need are the people we made the memories with. All we need are our friends. 

I met the people who made my school-life great recently and I found that it was so easy to become my old self again. Two minutes into our conversation, I found that we can sprint down the memory lane once you have the right people around you.

Most importantly, I realized how much we had grown! Within a span of 5 years we had all become individualistic and strong-willed people.  Within a span of 5 years we had become progressive adults from the naive youngsters we had been.

Sometimes, only the company of our friends can bring about such a realization within us.

Sometimes, our friends are all we need!

Mysuru, Karnataka, India


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