“The CR” – Diary of an Undergrad

January 5, 2017

Dear Diary,

The worst thing about growing up is that you no longer are allowed to be clueless. 

You have to know something about everything, and you should be doing something at all times.

I realized this at my own cost.

When I started my journey as an undergrad last year, the environment, the college and most importantly the people, were all alien to me. But, I surprised myself when I volunteered to stand up for the election for the post of Class Representative (CR) within a week of the commencement of classes. I was surprised even further when I won!

I roughly knew what the post demanded because I had been Class Monitor many times in school.

But, little did I know that from now on, I would be sole link between my classmates and the world outside! Little did I know that I was ‘responsible’ for the actions and behavior for all of these (literally) grown-up bunch of people! Little did I know that I had to be aware of every little thing that happened in the class, whether I am present or not.

Whenever the class would screw up, it would become my fault in the eyes of the lecturers; whenever the lecturers would impose a new rule, it would become my prerogative to make every reluctant classmate co-operate.

And the worst part of it all, was that my happy bubble of ignorance vanished in a pop!  I had assumed, for a long time, that being ignorant was a lovely privilege of life. How very wrong I was!

What I understood a little late was that, unless I was on my toes with my eyes peeled and my ears pricked at all times, (not unlike a dog!) I would not be able to balance it out. 

After 3 semesters, I seem to have reached that delicate point of balance. The lecturers now know that I do my job well; my classmates know when to listen to me.

I have really begun to enjoy this. I am the CR!

And however vehemently I may deny this right now, I am sure this period and this experience will be a learning opportunity for the later years.

And quite frankly, the post gives you power!

My phone is buzzing. It looks like there is some new workshop whose details I need to inform my friends about.

Time to go.

See you later diary!


Mysuru, Karnataka, India




10 thoughts on ““The CR” – Diary of an Undergrad

  1. I have always marveled at how great of a multitasker you are!
    Being the CR of the class keeps you so preoccupied. Yet, you balance everything so meticulously!!! & In that matter, I have always looked up to you.

    Liked by 1 person

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