Laugh it off…

January 4, 2017

‘When life gives you lemons…’

You know the rest right?

However hard we may try to ignore this fact, it is true and we will be much better off, if we start implementing this.

Often, the best way to make the metaphorical lemonade is to laugh it off.

This was when I was studying 9th grade.ย 

I admit it. I colossally suck at sports. This is one of the great failings of my life, but my hand-eye coordination is really very bad. Nevertheless, I would play some games like throw-ball, in school.

We were playing girls versus boys if I remember correctly. I also remember that it was a Friday. Also, it was the last hour of school.

The boys knew how bad I was at the game, and so, the considerate beings that they were, would throw easy balls at me.

Suddenly, out of the nowhere, the ball came flying at me with a great velocity. The boy who threw it, didn’t mean to throw it in my direction, but the damage was done. I tried to block the ball from hitting my face, and the block-head that I am, put my left hand up to ‘stop’ the ball.

My hand was burning with the pain and I withdrew from the game. The boy apologized profusely and the matter was done with (or so I thought). I went home.

The swelling in my hand was not coming down at all.

A doctor’s visit and an X-Ray later, I came home with a plaster-cast on my hand, to be worn for 3 weeks, right from my fingers to the elbow. I now had a hair-line fracture in my wrist.

On Monday, my dad came till my classroom to drop me off, because it was difficult for me to carry my bag. I was the first person to enter the classroom that day.

I was standing outside the classroom, waiting for my friends near the railing. The plastered hand was temporarily invisible to anyone who came up the stairs.

The boy who had hit me came up a few minutes later. He could not see my hand. He came up to me and apologized again. ‘Sorry, I didn’t mean to hit you. Is your hand OK now?’

I lifted the plastered hand to show him, and his calm composure gave way to an expression of horror. He had no idea of what to do or say. He was dumb-struck, the poor thing.

I still remember his expression like it was yesterday.

I calmed him down and we laughed it off. It took a while, but he soon saw the big joke, the bigger picture and laughed along with me.

Sure enough, he was one of the people who wrote on my plaster-cast, the reminder of my war-wound. We continued joking about it for a long time to come.

I guess there was something good that came out of the fracture in my wrist and my abysmal hand-eye coordination!

Yes. The lemons that are given to us are extremely sour, more often than not. It is always better to make some sweet lemonade out of it all and drink it up.

The best way to do that- Laugh it Off!

Mysuru, Karnataka, India

6 thoughts on “Laugh it off…

  1. Enjoyed reading this. I guess being sport-challenged runs in the family ๐Ÿ˜‰ . I remember trying for throw ball trials in my school. Could not catch one ball let alone return it :-D. I was only there for the trials as the captain was my friend. Poor girl, I guess she was glad to see my back ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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