Diary of an Undergrad- What’s in store?

January 3, 2017

I really don’t know where to begin. I have never been a good keeper of diaries. Many diaries have turned into books for rough work in my lifetime.

I can never manage to keep a diary successfully. After January, the energy just fizzes out and I completely forget about the existence of the book. After 11 months, during my annual cupboard clean-up drive, I would find it in some corner and feel much worse for the book than I would for myself.

And then, the same cycle would repeat for another year…and another one..and another one…

That is why I really don’t know where to begin, now that I have decided to write something like this.

But, when the idea of starting something called ‘Diary of An Undergrad’ flashed in my mind, I knew that this had to be a virtual diary, not a physical one. An non-periodic collection of musings, not a daily event.

Here, in today’s post I am outlining some of the tentative features of the ‘Diary of an Undergrad’.

  • Why ‘The Diary of An Undergrad’?

An undergrad is a fickle creature. He/She varies according to the time of the year and I think an undergrad will be a fun ‘creature’ to write about, seeing that I am one too.

For the past year, and for 3 more years to come, an ‘undergrad’ will be one of the only definitive words in my life. This phase is an interesting part of my life and thus, I think I will have a lot to say about my experiences as an undergrad. (Hopefully!)

  • Will it be completely autobiographical? ย 

As of this moment, I do not plan to deviate from the first person form of addressing, and the experiences I will write about, will be drawn from my own experiences at some level in the least.

  • How often will I be writing this?

I am not sure. I think the lack of a deadline will actually help me to think of better material!

Hopefully, I will be able to keep this up for a good period of time and defy my previous record of abysmal diary-keeping!


Mysuru, Karnataka, India






7 thoughts on “Diary of an Undergrad- What’s in store?

  1. The undergrad-phase of life is an amazing one & its such a good idea to put it in a place where it can stay forever, to carry us back to the golden days , at any future point in life, be it be tomorrow or in our autumn years!
    I hope to get a glimpse of all of your special moments, here, in your blog, in your words….

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