Looking Back- The 2016 edition

December 31, 2016

Unless you have been living in some sort of insulated bubble, that prevents you look at your phone, your telly or a calendar, even, you will know that 2016 will come to a close in just a few hours.

This year definitely been on of those years that I will look back on with a mingled sense of happiness and joy.

My blogging journey, this year, definitely picked up pace and opened up new creative vistas for me. Today, on the last day of 2016, I am looking back at the blogging year that was. These were some of the highlights. How many of these have you read??

I flagged off the new year with the post ’12 days on’. 12 days on.

It was a devastating year of sorts for me, because I lost my beloved grandfather in February. It is almost a year now, I still have not come to terms with that void that he seems to have left within me. The posts ‘Brave’ and ‘Remembering you’ speaks of the place he holds in my heart. BraveRemembering you…. ‘Remembering you’ remains one of my favorite posts so far.

After a break of almost 5 months, I spoke of the rain as a personified entity. Writing this piece of poetry enabled me to think differently. Tropical Magic

One of the highlights on my blog this year was when I participated in the 7 day Blog-A-Thon organized by the folks at Blog-A-Rhythm. A blogging marathon, if nothing, forces a lazy blogger to exercise the grey cells and test the limits that he has defined for himself. I summarized the posts I wrote for the marathon in the post BarAThon2k16- The Winnings!

I was able to pen down my vexation at my heart in the post ‘Watchful’. One of my favorites again. Watchful


The conflicts that I have my head are often epic. I wrote this fun piece ‘Head versus Me’ showcasing that conflict. Head versus Me

Posts like ‘Flower’ and ‘Barefoot’ gave me a chance to delve deeper into my inner self and present something new and true. FlowerBarefoot.

Waiting Room was my first attempt at fiction.


2016 was a revelation in itself. It was great fun writing this year. 

‘The World In My Eyes’ will step into 2017 in a few hours. May the world in my eyes keep changing. And may those changes inspire me to become a better writer and a better citizen of this world. 


See you in 2017!

Mysuru, Karnataka, India



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