September 08, 2016

‘Realization always comes at the impossibly mundane moments.’ -Divya

History has a vast host of examples of the greatest minds having a moment of brilliance that solved great problems of the times.

Who has not heard of Newton’s moment of brilliance when the apple made its way to his head?

Who has not heard of Archimedes and how a bubble bath solved his problem on buoyancy?

Which Chemistry student has not heard of Kekule’s dream of the Ouroboros that solved the mystery of the elusive structure of benzene?

Who would have realized that brooding under a laden apple tree, some bath-salty goodness or a siesta after a heavy lunch might bring out some Earth-shaking, Paradigm-Altering, Prize-Winning concepts?

I forget which book whose starting sentence I am rephrasing, but it should become a truth profoundly acknowledged that the greatest realizations come at the most normal and trivial of moments.

I had one such Earth-Shaking, Paradigm-Altering moment today. And it came to when I was least expecting it.

I was walking across the corridors of my college today evening. I was walking along with my friend and some of my classmates. College had ended for the day and we were making our way to to the buses.

My friend and my classmates were all conversing about something and were laughing greatly about it too. I was obviously in the conversation too and I was also contributing to the small talk. But many times in the dialogue, I realized that there was a vast chasm between the things that they found interesting or funny or even worth commenting on, and the things that I liked.

I realized that most of the time, my smiles and laughs were forced, absolutely unnatural and atypical.

And that’s when it hit me. Right there. In that corridor. As I was walking and talking and laughing with people I meet everyday.

I am absolutely unlike most of my peers. My humor leans to the intellectual and logical side, whereas the people around me find the dumber-than-grass, smaller-than-sand things funny and worth commenting.

To be very honest, I have found only a handful of people who truly get me.

To be fair to the fair mind, because I am more biased towards me, it could very well be that I don’t find many things funny and that I am probably hard to please and its all my problem entirely.

But because I am more biased towards me, I realized, in that one moment, that most of the world is on one side and is of one mind, and I stand facing them with an utterly different mind. There is a Grand Canyon sized chasm between us.

The more that I think about it, I realize that this wavelength-mismatch has been there between me and my peers from the time I have started school.

So the Earth-Shattering, Paradigm-Altering truth dawned on me.

The profound truth dawned on me in that corridor. Mother Logical Thinking benevolently showered the gift of Understanding on me in that corridor. It was like I was on a stage, and a spotlight suddenly shone on me.

I realized in that mundane moment, that I have been, am and always will be the odd one out. 

But, I am perfectly content with my status as the odd one because I am my kind of odd. 

And hey, look at Newton and Archimedes.

The odd ones always become the great ones. 😉

Mysuru, Karnataka, India





4 thoughts on “Odd One Out

  1. Yes.. Odd ones grow up to be the great ones & I’m happy that you realized it & you have enlightened me by writing it down. Now I know what to make my mind think when I feel I do not belong to the situation.
    Great post Divya!

    Liked by 1 person

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