Head versus Me

September 1, 2016

*Its 10 in the night.*

‘Don’t you understand? There is no going back from this.’  My head is telling me this constantly.

‘Shut, up. I’ll work something out.’ I say.

I am not so sure of that actually. Its just that, by keeping my head confused I infuse a sense of false calm into myself. But I know fully well that the weak wall of the exterior of my interior is developing cracks.

Let me be very honest with you. There have been very few cases in my life so far where I have won and my head has lost. My head is like the bossy know-it-all every class hates. My head is like the all-pervasive God everyone speaks about.

My head is like the give-a-homework-planner-as-a-Christmas-Gift Hermione to my Chilled-Out Ron.

And yet, I find myself at loggerheads with my head constantly.

‘You had better start working, you know. Its really not the time you nod me off.’ It says cockily.

‘Nice reference to yourself!’ I say in spite of myself in mock admiration of my brain. But, I regain my obstinacy and say defensively, ‘I am telling you I will manage something, am I not? Don’t freak out so much all right?!’

‘Fine. Let’s talk about this tomorrow. You’ll find out anyway’. My head snorts derisively.

‘Fine’. I say, and search for the warm blanket.

*The next morning*

I walk into the room absolutely petrified. I can practically hear my head laughing at me.

‘Good luck’ It smirks and says.

I quietly take the answer booklet and the question paper from the invigilator. The bugles have blown. The Kurukshetra conches have been sounded.

This is war.

I read the questions on the question paper. There are things that I know and things that I don’t. I will have to push myself to the limit.

I start tackling each question. I retrieve every ounce of my knowledge from my brain, every byte sized information from that one class I was half-sleepy in, and cram it all presentably in my answer book. I manage to ace it anyway.

I finally step out of the exam hall, grinning in spite of myself. I want to say ‘Boo Yeah!’ to my head right now.

‘You got lucky today. Thank me for that last answer.’ It says from beneath the risen eyebrows.

‘I know. I know.’ I say. ‘I know I should have listened to you before. Next time, alright?’

‘Hmm. You’d better’. It says.

‘But you know what? Ron won sometimes too. Rarely, but he did win sometimes. Even though you win a million times, I won this one. The score is 1 to a million. I have been watching a lot of badminton lately. So, service Over. I get to serve now! Boo Yeah!’

‘Yeah, yeah, yeah…’

My head is shaking its head.

Mysuru, Karnataka, India




9 thoughts on “Head versus Me

  1. 👌..It’s brilliant Divya.I loved it. Your writing is amazing. You have brought out the pun so nicely! I smiled many times while reading the post.
    The battle between the head and the heart will always be there. It’s all fun or unimportant until it doesn’t lead to something bad & regrettable.

    Hey, guess what? You have written this post on a day which marks the start of term at Hogwarts!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Give-a-homework-planner Hermoine. .lol!
    Very relatable post, Divya. Unfortunately our heads are too often right but if we followed them implicitly, where would be the fun in life?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Good luck with your head😏

    By the way I am having issues with my head too. With exams barely 10 days away and me not listening to my head, hope it still helps me at the right time and not let me down

    Liked by 1 person

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