August 27, 2016

You can never be ignored.

I try so hard to shut you out.

But you have your say anyway.

You’re never silent, you’re loud.


You watch my every move.

You judge me blatantly.

You interfere with my every thought,

And watch me unblinkingly.


But I can learn to live with you,

Even with all your faults.

If only you weren’t a chameleon

And changed hues so fast.


You look red and vibrant sometimes.

At times, you’re happy and yellow.

You’re dreamy and violet at times.

You’re morose and blue sometimes, though.


You confuse me greatly, at times

And are green with jealousy.

I get tired of managing your escapades.

You’re a constant cause of my worry.


Be still and take a breath, my friend.

Don’t make me tizzy, so.

Stay steady, O Chameleon.

Give me a chance to like you more,



Mysuru, Karnataka, India




9 thoughts on “Watchful

  1. The description is rich!
    It’s awful how some people change colours according to situations.. & your post is an eye opener for them & it will help them be their innocent true selves,no matter what, from now on.

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  2. The world is alwaya changeful.Times change,fashions and styles change,nations change and their boundries change ,social mores change.J ust as we accept change seasons we must move forward along with these change.Chamelions change their colour as a means of selfpreservation.But changes in the world usher in colour and hues some to our liking and some times not so.Let us not be bewildered by them

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  3. Amazing, amazing poem! Divya you have such an art of imbuing life into stuff…your imagery, way with words and ability to condense immense meaning into succinct phrases…Amazing! Keep it up..

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