BarAThon Prompt 4: Caught Red Handed

August 4, 2016

All of us remember the nursery rhyme ‘Johnny Johnny’ very well. It very cutely discusses the conversation between a son and his father when the former is caught red handed eating sugar.

Getting caught red handed means you get discovered along with concrete proof of your wrong-doing.

Just as I was wondering on what to write on this theme prompt, I remembered this funny story that was featured in the April 2016 issue of the Reader’s Digest.

World’s Dumbest Criminals

    Mumbai resident Altaf Qureshi had just made off with the handbag of a lady he’d spotted dozing in a railway ticket counter queue. Now the proud owner of the booty- a cell phone, necklace and some cash- he only thought it polite to answer his newly acquired phone when it rang!

At the other end was the lady Qureshi had robbed, and she made an enticing offer: “Keep everything else, just return my documents,” she said. “I’ll pay you a 1000 rupees”.

The genius master criminal couldn’t believe his luck. All set to rake in some more cash, he reached the designated spot-only to find some plain-clothes cops waiting. The police sent off the lady with well-deserved praise and took Qureshi into custody.”

Mr. Altaf Qureshi truly is one of the dumbest criminals of all time.

His story of how he got caught red-handed because of his own stupidity, made me laugh very loudly the first time I read it.

It still does.

Mysuru, Karnataka, India






13 thoughts on “BarAThon Prompt 4: Caught Red Handed

  1. LOL…should I say Great minds think alike!!

    My first thought went on to Johnny and the rhyme when I read the prompt, and thus my blog reflects those words.

    I agree the crime you mentioned above is just darn silly…but then not all criminals are trained to be so 😉 thus, the tardiness.

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  2. Nice one, Divya! I was thinking on the same lines…have you heard of a man who was playing Pokemon Go and reached a police station? That man was a wanted criminal. The police didn’t even have to do anything. ..the guy came asking for it. 🙂

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    1. Speaking of Pokémon go, a headline in a newspaper the other day said..’Pokemon Go player stuck in a tree’. She landed on the top of a tree in a cemetery in the middle of the night while chasing Pokémon. She had to be rescued by firefighters later. Heights of crazy!
      I laughed so hard at this!


  3. Nice funny story of the dumb guy.I am reminded of a story about the cleverest minister in Sri Krishnadevaraya’s court Tenali Rama Krishna..It goes like this.Once a very valuable piece of jewellery wa stolen from.the King’s palace.A ll were worried .It was suspected to be an in sider’s job.King entrusted Rama Krishna to find out the culprit.Now Rama Krishna thoughr of a cleverest plant.He called all the the courtiers to assemble in the durbar hall for an important announcement.When all assembled he distributed to each one of them a wooden stick of one foot length and asked them to go back home and return the sticks to him the next day.He cautioned them that the sticks are magical,the thief’s stick will diminish by an inch.The fellow who had stolen was a worried man.He wondered how to escape detection.So he cut his stick by an inch and happily reported to the court next day.Obviously he was exposed and the king lauded Ramakrishna for his clever ploy

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  4. Divya !
    Story of Altaf Qureshi is very funny .You presented it in such a manner that as we go through , it shows the meaningful theme .
    It is not merely entertainment , it focus the power of ‘ TRUTH’ .👍🏽

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