BarAThon Prompt 3: Fragile Lives

August 3, 2016

A bubble in the ocean, A cloud in the sky

A grain of sand, A blink of the eye.

Its all that we are, Its all that we’ll be.

Cause our lives are small and momentary.


We know that we’re here for a very short while.

On this bundle of life, On this wondrous isle.

We realize full well that stasis is fickle.

We have only this moment to prove our mettle.


When we do realize this truth, so profound.

When we do perceive that we won’t be around

For long, Why do some of us pick the color red

That makes our blue Earth bleed?


Why do we let red play havoc on us?

Why do we lose so many people thus?

Why do we make our fragile lives

Even more so, with guns and knives?


Its time we mend our rigid hearts

With love, part by part.

Its time we make our existence worthwhile

By strengthening our lives, fragile. 

Mysuru, Karnataka, India









10 thoughts on “BarAThon Prompt 3: Fragile Lives

  1. Nice sombre thoughts about our short span of life on the face of Earth.Sadly there are evil.minds who believe in nothing else but the dance of death.We can only silently pray for a change in the scene.And hope the world will be a theatre of all that is serene

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  2. Such a nice poem Divya !
    We are now on the brink of destruction , chaos and pollutions hence everywhere there is red . No one cares for nature’s beauties…
    Very well said in your poem that ray of mankind is green which is needed today . Loved your poem 💜


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