BarAThon Prompt 2: What you don’t know

August 2, 2016

So, it has been a year from the time I embarked on a new journey in my life. (Apart from blogging, that is) It has been exactly one year since I started my life as an engineering undergraduate.

When I began this journey, I had many apprehensions about myself and my college. Let me justify the latter first. I study in an all-women engineering college. As a person who had always studied in the constant company of boys, this was something that was hard to get accustomed to. The pettiness of some girls & the constant chit-chat was irksome sometimes.

I had apprehensions about myself and my capabilities because during the two years of my pre-university course, I had lost myself on the way. My academic identity diminished to a very feeble flicker in contrast to the vibrant blaze that it was previously.

I began to seriously doubt myself and my self-worth.

But, after a year of soul-searching and immeasurable hard work, after making some very close friends, after learning so much about my subjects and myself and after meeting certain all-important mentors, I can say this confidently.

One year back, what I didn’t know was

  • I had not lost myself, I had just forgotten how to adapt to new environments.
  • Although many people can overwhelm you with their falseness (especially the female ones), there are some people in whom you can confide in confidently.
  • Academically speaking, I was still the same trailblazer; I had only to change my approach.

Most importantly, what I didn’t know was, THERE WERE EXCELLENT PEOPLE AND THINGS ON THE WAY.

I am extremely content now. One year later, I have become a new person who can face new challenges eagerly.

So, do you doubt your situations and environments? Do you doubt your capabilities?

In that case, what you don’t know right now is that every challenge makes you better. What you don’t know is that adapting is often the best thing you can do. What you don’t know is that there are excellent people and things on the way.

Trust me, I speak from experience.

Happy soul-searching!

Mysuru, Karnataka, India




8 thoughts on “BarAThon Prompt 2: What you don’t know

  1. Time is the best teacher and afaptability is the crux of life.All you need to do is to flow with the current and before you say O God, you find yourself in the comfort zone of friends and well wishers.The new environs and new friends make your life all the more enchanting.

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  2. You said it – every new experience makes us better. I need to keep reminding myself each time I find myself at the brink of something new. The first reaction is always to run in the opposite direction towards all that is known and comfortable.


  3. This prompt comes with an abundant wealth of interpretations. You have given it your own personal spin and brought out some truly inspiring and encouraging words. Well done!

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  4. I was wondering what you would write for this topic & it was hard to crack. When I saw your post, I was awed by it. Thank u for inspiring me. Very nice writing Divya.

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  5. Dear Divya,
    This blog has given me immense pleasure. I can see my inner voice penned down. Even I had the same feelings, but yes I was not bothered about all women college. You know about me very well right? I never mingled with boys much😜. I got adjusted to this very soon. 😅

    Jokes apart. This article is really nice.

    With best wishes,

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  6. Divya
    A beautiful piece and well written with reflection as the backdrop. In this world where we say we are connected, we are actually isolated with our own cyberspace and forget the real world. Your writing is a refreshing breeze for a person who wants to be vibrant and enjoy everything and just be there HERE AND NOW. Beautiful prose with a lot of chords that touched me. Keep exploring the discomfort zone and adapt to achieve what you plan. Life unfolds the way it wants and you captured every moment with your experience. Well done. Regards Saket

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