BarAThon Prompt 1: Stranger than fiction

August 1, 2016

Fiction transports us to a world that is so realistic in its falsehood. It is a fantastic place of unlimited imaginations.

But, many a time in life we realize that the truth, that profound and grounded reality, is stranger and much more wonderful than fiction.

I am experiencing some of that disbelief today. Today, I have realized that time brings with it stronger roots. Time washes away all the minutes from us in a torrential manner. It also brings with it newer minutes filled with newer opportunities.

It seems that time has boarded a bullet train and is just zipping past. It only seems like yesterday to me when I took a deep breath, turned a new page and inked a new chapter in my life.

‘The World in my eyes’ turns One today!

I started this amazing journey with the fledgling of an article. ‘Baby Steps’. (Here is the link to that first post. Baby Steps)

The mother bird feels a great deal of pride when her little fledgling fills energy into its tiny wings and tests the metaphorical waters. She must feel a great deal of pride her small mirror image tries to follow her on her journey in the skies. She does feel very proud when the small feathers become stronger each day.

I feel the same kind of pride today. My fledgling has also begun to test the metaphorical waters and is attempting to soar. It has touched milestones, not just in the numbers or the statistics, but also those abstract milestones like creative satisfaction and increasing love for the language.

A big thank you to all my regular readers. One positive word of encouragement can bring major improvements in any endeavor, and all of you pushed me forward by miles every time.

May the world in my eyes keep changing. May those changes bring out a better writer in me every time.

This feeling of exhilaration I feel is unreal in its truth. It is undoubtedly stranger than fiction.

Happy blog- a-versary to me!


Mysuru, Karnataka, India


29 thoughts on “BarAThon Prompt 1: Stranger than fiction

  1. Divya,congratulations on maturing as a one year old blogger .Your poetic comments about the passage of time and it’s breeziness is well taken.Look forward to your blogs lined up for the week.


  2. Amazing. Happy blogaversary Divya..! I have always enjoyed reading your posts because you put your feelings into them . Continue writing & continue inspiring. Enjoy the blogathon.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Divya I am very proud of you . I am so impressed with your new start !
    I am pretty sure whoever see your blog will cherish your words & treasure them and repeat them over life time . You are a nice writer .
    First post ‘Baby steps’ article is soul ful .
    Bless you dear 👍🏽💜❤️💜

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Dear Divya,
    I am happy to see you participating in blogaversary. You are full of energy in life. I am curious to read your blogs.

    With best wishes,

    Liked by 1 person

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