Remembering you…

February 29, 2016


Oh yes, its been a while now.

Oh yes, the tears have dried.

Oh yes, The world you left me in

Has moved on. And, though I denied

That the pain was not long lasting

That it was all for the best,

I cannot hold back these emotional waves

Which let my words do the rest.


Waves of thought lash the shore of my mind

Memories resurface

Reminding me of the touch of your hand

And the intensity of your gaze.

And though, the sands of time

Beckon me, a new wave, toward

I can’t help but look at the footsteps

That lead deeper shoreward.


I now trace footsteps

Re-Tread the already treaded

Remembering what we had said

Remembering all you said.

Remembering you.



I am going back to those times

When you were around

Even when we weren’t in the same city

Your presence, I always found.

I go back to those footsteps that day

When we shared a laugh,

When you taught me something new

Going back to that is tough.


But I know you’ve gone for a reason

And though I’m sad today

I’ll pick myself up tomorrow and realise 

It was for good anyway.

I know you’re watching me from somewhere

And you’d smile if you read this

You’d smile if you knew

That I was remembering you.


I now retrace footsteps

Re-tread the already treaded

Remembering what we had said

Remembering what you had said

Remembering you…



Mysore, Karnataka, India








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