January 12, 2016

So, it has been 12 days since the big day.

Whatsapp was all abuzz with the ‘Oh-so-Inspiring’ quotes and pictures depicting the advent of the new year. Everyone decided to be better, do better and live better. New diaries were opened and fresh pieces of paper bore the words ‘MY RESOLUTIONS FOR THIS YEAR’. We were all hurriedly ushering in 2016 with the hope that the chapter of 2015 would never be revisited or reopened.

12 days on, I can now safely assure you that:

  1. All the Whatsapp groups have gone back to reposting the same jokes that they did in 2015
  2. All the ‘RESOLUTIONS’ have safely reached the wastepaper bin
  3. Everyone has gone back to the mundane everyday and everyone is complaining as usual.

12 days on, it is absolutely crystal clear that we remain resolutely the exact same persons as we were last year and the year before last and the year before that….

One of my favorite comics is Calvin And Hobbes. And the very last strip of C&H is of Calvin speaking to Hobbes about the fresh, new year.

Hobbes tells Calvin “Everything familiar has disappeared! The world looks brand-new!” To which Calvin responds by saying “A new year, A fresh clean start!” Hobbes then says “Its like having a big white sheet of paper to draw on!”. Calvin then responds, “A day full of possibilities. Its a magical world Hobbes ol’ buddy. Let’s go exploring!”

That spirit is what the new year is actually all about.

Its not about bringing in a new calendar or a diary. Its not about what you put into your resolutions list. Its not even a lot about pondering on yesterday’s mistakes and wallowing in that guilt.

There is a Calvin in all of us.

We should call out that intrinsic Calvin within us, who did not care much if it was a new year, more than he did that it was a new day. To Calvin and Hobbes, the fact that they have the whole day to seize and the whole year to find opportunities in, was reason enough to get themselves off the bed and explore life.

They don’t regret yesterday, nor do they fear the tomorrow. Calvin is the child in all of us who settled in a remote corner once we bowed down to society.

So, this year, let’s not make a list of what we should resolve to do. Let’s not put to waste, paper after paper thinking of things to accomplish. Let us not be bored of the mundane, but let’s try to make the mundane better.

Let us  only make sure that we bring the Calvin within us out. Let us look to seize the opportunity and we will see that the day has been seized. Let us look to seize the day and then we’ll see that our unwritten resolutions have come true.

So, I am 12 days late in saying this, but I’ll say it anyway.

Happy Calvin-Finding!

Happy Being-Happy!

Happy New Year 2016!


(I do not own any of these images.)



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