Stasis is fickle

September 26 2015

Life is full of parallelisms.

Imagine a beach. The setting is perfect. Imagine its sunset if you’re a hopeless romantic. You walk. You walk on that slightly warm sand. Your feet occasionally feel a stray seashell. There is a boat at the horizon. You keep walking on the sand, until you reach the water. You don’t look back at the footsteps that you’re leaving behind.

As your feet finally touch the water, you feel so peaceful. Breathing in lungfuls of salty air, hearing the birds call for their own, and an occasional thelawalla’s call from behind you… its bliss. You want to stand there. Maybe walk some more into the sea. You feel your cares melting away. All the deadlines and assignments feel like a thing of the past.

You find your footing in that water. You stand and watch nature paint a picture. An ever dynamic one. Time stops for you.

If only you could stay that way. Motionless, without a care, absolutely still.

Your heart loves and wants more of that stasis. But, your head knows. This is too static to last. Its only a matter of time. Its momentary. Your brain knows full well that a wave is soon to come. A wave, that will threaten to move you. A wave that will trigger many more. You know, and so does your brain, that stasis is momentary.

After that wave lashes against your feet, you know you will move. After that wave hits you, you know you can never be still. After the advent of the wave, you know you have to alter yourself and brace yourself for the next one.

So, what do you do? Do you complain that you liked the first place better and sway dangerously as every wave lashes? Or do you move as every wave hits you and continue to quietly breathe lungfuls of salty air?

Life is exactly like this. Of all the world that I have seen, I have learnt this much. It is always going to be one wave after the other. I only have to stabilize myself in the current situation I am facing, when, another one will come along.

So, do I adapt or complain? Do I change or remain orthodox? Do I want to make the best of everything or crib about the past?

Change is the only constant thing in the universe.

Changing ourselves changes us for the better. Changing ourselves will make us more competent and content . Changing ourselves will always teach us something new.

Whether we like it or not, the next wave is about to lash. The next big pressure test is coming up. The life we end up with will never turn out to be exactly as what we had imagined it to be.

How we deal with that change makes us different.

It is time we accept it…




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