Ain’t no apples on my head :-/

September 5, 2015

As I stare at a blank space on the larger part of my laptop screen and wonder what to write about, as I want to write something powerful but quiet and wonder what to write about, as I rack my brain for something ‘out of the box’ and wonder what to write about…I hit a dead end.

A simple Google search defines Inspiration as, and I quote, ‘the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative’. Clearly, I need to be inspired to write. Am I inspired then? Am I ‘mentally stimulated’ and do I feel ‘creative’?

I don’t know.

To be inspired is something that is wonderful. It gives you a sense of purpose. A vision. Having an inspiration can drive people to try new things and be new people and change their entire outlook on life altogether. That is, according to the success stories anyway.

The story that we have always been hearing is that an apple falling on Sir Isaac Newton’s head prompted him to think why that was. And apparently, it was after this that he formulated his concept of Gravitation. In other words, he was inspired by the downward motion of this humble fruit.

In my opinion, if one has a task to accomplish, she can do so only if she’s completely committed to the job and is inspired by a role model or a dream job.

Time for some shallow soul searching. The task at hand: write a great blog post that is poignant and thought-provoking, and seemingly simple but complex in its elegance.

Sadly, but truly, no apple is making its way onto my head. No flash of brilliance is blinding me with its brightness. No ‘complex simplicity’ is driving me towards my mission.

Why, you ask? I’m uninspired.

Oh for that stroke of brilliance!!! Oh to be so inspired!!

Not that I am not inspired as such. Life keeps giving me a reason to remain inspired almost everyday.

A withered leaf told me to seize every moment. A rising sun told me to get my butt out of bed and do something. A story of an entrepreneur taught me that you can turn the tables on your luck when it is trying to throw you out of balance.

Is that how inspired I ought to be? Is that enough? Do I know my worth? Am I doing enough? What is driving me forward?

Important questions. To me, anyway.

They could be important to you also. Ask yourself. Do the ‘shallow soul searching’. If you find a reason to move forward, a reason why you’re happy everyday, and a reason why you do your tasks at hand well…you are INSPIRED!

Now as I stare at a word studded laptop screen, I wonder if these words portray something powerful but quiet. When i started writing this, I was not sufficiently inspired. There were no apples on my head…

I’m happy with the result now…It doesn’t look so much of a dead end now.

Bottom line: There are times when we feel that there ‘ain’t no apples on our head’… It is then that we need to plough on and do something anyway.

Even when I didn’t know what I was writing about, I ploughed on.

Maybe sometimes, the apples will fall en route the journey. Not all of us can sit under a tree for inspiration.

Not all of us are Newton.



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